Monday, October 29, 2012

vendor highlight #13

Our 13th vendor is Emily from Ornave Aromatherapeutics, selling her vegan bath bombs-made, soy wax candles, vegan milkbath, vegan lip balm, and more!  She uses only the finest quality organic ingredients, natural preservatives and Aura Cacia essential oils. No chemicals, synthetics, excess water, artificial colors or perfumes are ever added. Sounds so soothing right? Here's an intro to Emily:


My name is Emily James of Ornave Aromatherapeutics. Ornave stands for organic, natural, and vegan; which aptly describes every product I produce. Around the same time I became a mother, my sister became vegan, and we often discussed the disturbing array of toxic ingredients in commonly used products. Being an avid do-it-yourself-er, I started researching. As luck would have it, my Master Cosmetology degree and six years with a major skincare company, came in handy as I started to handcraft everything from luxurious milkbath to cooling anti-oxidant eye gel. I love to source ingredients from local farmers and use only the finest essential oils to add fragrance and performance. It certainly keeps me busy, but the fun part is getting to test all the goodies!


I just might need some of these things when Bloom Market is over! :) Be sure to come by Emily's booth...I'm sure the delicious smells will draw you in! (You can also see more of her products in her Etsy store).

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