vendor agreement

Thank you for your interest in being a vendor at Bloom Market! 
Our goal is to offer our customers a fun shopping experience, a place they can find unique, modern, and fresh handmade items that they can’t find at the mall! 
It's also a place for you, as a vendor, to be able to introduce your business to the community and expose them to your awesome work! Please read the following information and initial at the bottom of the application that you have read it. Thanks!

Bloom Market will be Friday, November 9  from 5-9pm  and Saturday, November 10 from 10am-4pm at the Tannery Hall in downtown Buford. Vendor Booth Fee:  $80. 

Set-up is mandatory and you must be at the Tannery Hall at least 2 hours prior to the start time of 5pm on Friday, November 9.  Doors open for us to set up in the morning, so you can come anytime during the day. All set-up must be completed by 4pm. At 4pm, all of our volunteers will get the chance to shop early before it opens to the public at 5pm. Each vendor will get one table for their booth provided.  If you need more than one table, you will have to bring your own; although your space will only be 6-8ft wide.  We offer 6 ft tables. If you need an 8 ft table, you can bring your own or rent one from us for $5. We expect you to be creative with your booth set-up.  Bring table coverings, signs, decorations to make your booth pop and eye-appealing!  It’s a great idea to add height to your table by using crates, boxes or whatever you can come up with.  Please include a sign with your name or company name at your booth.

The market closes at 4pm on Saturday, November 10. However, customers still may be shopping at that time. If customers are still there after 4pm, it is ok to start breaking down, if needed. Please do not start breaking down before 4pm. Please stay to help clean up the facility. 

Our booth fee to be a vendor will be $80. This fee helps cover the cost of the facility rental, signs for the market, printing of postcards/fliers/posters, food/drinks, decorations, shopping bags for customers, and staff. If you decide after you are accepted not to sell, this fee is refundable up to 6 weeks prior to the event. After that, the fee is non-refundable. After applying to be a vendor, we will review the applications and let you know by September 1 if you are accepted. UPON ACCEPTANCE, YOU WILL HAVE 1 WEEK TO PAY YOUR BOOTH FEE (via Paypal or check).  If after 1 week we do not receive payment, we will give your booth opening to someone else. 

The booth fee includes the processing and payment for one vendor I.D. If you decide to share your booth with another vendor, that vendor will need to complete a separate application form (and include on the form that you are sharing space with other vendor name). Any additional vendor I.D.s are $10.00 each. 

We expect vendors to be present for both sale times on Friday night and Saturday morning. Vendors are responsible for the necessary items needed for their space: table cloths, mirrors, lighting, extension cords, décor, etc. Access to electricity, wall space, or double sided space is available upon request. Vendors are responsible for restocking inventory.  We also expect you to advertise our market! We will provide postcards for you to mail or pass out to all your family, friends, and neighbors! Please share our info on facebook, twitter, email. SPREAD THE WORD! If this market is going to be successful, we need your help in getting the word out!  

You are responsible for all of your booth sales. If you are not set up to accept credit cards, we recommend that you use a company like Square ( for your smart phone/iPad or GoPayment by Intuit ( We will provide the option to use credit cards if you are not able (there will be a 5% fee). You would need to label your items with your vendor ID/price and give us a list of your inventory. We recommend that you reward those paying in cash with a small discount, etc.  

If you have any questions about this agreement, please contact Keri Walker at