about Bloom Market

Hey there! I'm Keri, the one who started this thing called Bloom Market. It started as a dream to just have a small boutique in someone's home. A place to gather a few of my friends and give them the opportunity to buy some pretty cool handmade things. I love where the handmade world is going these days (i.e. Etsy anyone?!) and wanted to give some up and coming crafters a chance to show off their handiwork and promote their businesses.  

Our first market was in October 2011. There was more vendor interest than I expected and so we held our event at a local neighborhood clubhouse. It was such a fun weekend and I was happily surprised! I loved the camaraderie of local artists and crafters all coming together to showcase their beautiful and unique handmade goodies! And so, here we are. Planning for our 2nd Bloom Market to be held this November.  

If you have any interest in being a vendor, please don't hesitate to apply! Many of our vendors are just starting out. This market is a great one to start with...low cost with minimal risk! Its a fun way to get your product in the hands of those who will encourage you and help you grow as an artist. 

And if being a vendor is not your thing, then by all means come and SHOP SHOP SHOP!

Hope to see you in November!

- Keri Walker

me with Bloom Market's biggest fans (Rusty, Evan-8, Avrie-3, Ella-10)

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