Friday, October 14, 2011

it's here!

I'm super pumped about today (a bit nervous, too, I will admit!).  Tonight is our first night of BLOOM MARKET!  I can't wait for you all to see what's in store for you. Our vendors have been working hard and it will certainly show!  I can't wait for you to see their beautiful creations!

Hope to see you tonight (or tomorrow morning!!)!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


1. click on the link to the right for directions to Bloom Market at Reunion Subdivision.
2. print out those directions. or if you are tech savvy...then plug in the address into your fancy iPhone, Android, or GPS!
3. get in the car.
4. go pick up a friend or 2 or 3 (or neighbor, family member, you get the idea).
5. drive to Bloom Market (with your cash or credit card of course!!) (oh...and your shopping bag!).
6. shop til you drop (but eat a cupcake first!).


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

don't forget!

First of all I just want to say how proud I am of each of the women who will have their crafts displayed this weekend! Each are so unique and I'm so happy to be able to have this venue for them to show off their creative talents! My whole goal in doing this was to help promote those who make handmade things...and I'm so happy these women came on board to participate in our first ever Bloom Market!!

Now...on to business...just a reminder (and how could you forget!?) that there will be cupcakes and coffee for our shoppers on our opening night...this FRIDAY, October 14!  Shopping hours are 6 - 9pm.   Also, remember to bring a shopping bag to make your shopping easier. (we have back-up in case you forget).  And last reminder...INVITE YOUR PEOPLE!  Please bring friends with you...we would love to see you all!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vendor Highlight #12

And last but not  My new business name is "Three Bees Design" (it has multiple meanings to me).  Over the past 13 years, I've been working as a graphic designer. Since having children, the work has become less and less because motherhood duties call.  I'm really hoping that I can venture into this crafting world and start selling my things online. Once I get a website up and running, I will let you know!  I'll still keep my foot in the graphic design world as well.

My main product that i've been brewing over the past few years is creating custom silhouettes. I've made a few for friends but just haven't had the time to pursue it more. I just love the idea of taking something so classic, like silhouettes, and putting a modern twist to them. I use fun, modern, coordinating fabrics behind each silhouette to be framed or wrapped on canvas. I will be taking custom orders at Bloom Market. These are timeless treasures that you can keep on your wall to remind you of those sweet little profiles that too quickly change over time! Below is a photo of my dear friend Katie's foyer. I did these silhouettes of her 4 adorable children. Just an example of what you can have!

I just wish i had a foyer like hers! And below is one of the silhouettes up close:

I will also be selling my "petal pins" (flower pins/clips to put on your shirt, hat, purse, clip in your hair), "petal headbands", "bloom rings", and pillow covers.  Here are a sample of some of these:

So there you go. That wraps up all 12 vendors. Isn't it exciting to see what everyone is making? I can't wait to see it all myself!  And I can't wait to see all of you this weekend! whoo-to-the-hoooo!! :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Vendor Highlight #11

4 more days until BLOOM MARKET! yay!

Our eleventh vendor is Natalie. She is a mom and VERY talented pianist! The last time I heard her play, I was blown away!! Among her other talents is crocheting. And this is where the vendor part comes in!  She will be selling some of her creations at her booth.

Here is a sample of what you will find at her booth, "Sugar & Spice":

 beautiful crocheted purse!

such an adorable beanie hat with super cute flower! 
(and it sure does sell being on that adorable baby girl!)

It's a good time to cozy up with one of her handmade blankets! 

Make sure you stop by to see all of Natalie's handiwork for yourself! She will also be selling crocheted belts, scarves, flower hair accessories, and trivets. A great variety! Bloom Market is THIS FRIDAY & SATURDAY!! Tell all your friends and see you there!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Vendor Highlight #10

I've known Rachel since she was a young girl. She has always had a unique, artistic flair about her that I love. She is in college now and is an aspiring artist! At Bloom Market, she will be selling some of her handmade notebooks/journals, bookmarks and prints at her booth, "The Pea and Me".

Look at her fabulous handiwork:
These handmade notebooks would make a great Christmas gift!

This little pig print is too cute! 

Please come support Rachel (you know all college students are needing funds!) and stop by her booth at Bloom Market!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

a few things for you to know!

I hope you all are getting excited about shopping at Bloom Market! Thought I would let you all know that we will be accepting cash and CREDIT CARDS (any kind!).  THAT is important information, no?  So no limits on what you can buy! :)

Also, at an attempt to help save our universe (ha!), we would love for you to bring your own shopping bag! (no worries if you forget though...we will have some available!).

And finally...on our opening night (Friday) there will be CUPCAKES.  Did you hear me?  I said CUUPCAAAKES!! Yay for you! AND coffee for all you addicts out there!

So PLEEEEEZE spread the word for us!! Tell everyone you know. Your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc!! You all don't want to miss it!  Details & directions are on the right sidebar...right over there --------->    -----------> ------------->

Friday, October 7, 2011

Vendor Highlight #9

I have known this vendor for a very long time...during my fun teenage years (yes, braces & big hair)! She was one of the youth helpers in our church. I spent a lot of time with her family and they were very dear to me. I haven't seen her in Bloom Market will be a mini-reunion for us!

Teresa makes super, adorable little girl's clothing. She uses vibrant and fun prints that would surely make any little girl feel pretty!  Check out her talent in these photos:
If this cute Christmas dress comes in a 3T or 4T...I will be snagging it. [Just so you know]

And how cute is this little number. the colors, the flowers, the polka dots...oh my!

So just another sweet taste of what you will find at Bloom Market...FRIDAY, OCT 14 & SATURDAY, OCT 15!!  Come by and see Teresa and all her sewing glory!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Vendor Highlight #8

Our next vendor will be traveling down from NashVegas. I mean Nashville.  But she is a true Georgia girl at heart.  Robyn and I used to be neighbors before she and her family decided to up and leave us!  We have always shared the love of crafty, handmade things.  Since moving to Nashville, she has ventured into more sewing (with her fancy new serger) and making all kinds of cuteness!!

At Bloom Market, Robyn, "Blessed By Two," will be selling her adorable little girl tutu's.  She has made one for each of my girls and they are precious!!  She will also be selling bottle cap necklaces, scrabble tile pendants, coffee cup cozies, crayon wallets, covered button bookmarks, bean bags, and ruffle rosetta purses (can you say overachiever!?).  She is like me...filled with ideas and wants to dabble in so many different things!  

Here are a couple of her "Ruffle Rosetta Purses" and one of her tutus for you to see:

All of these things will make fabulous Christmas and/or birthday gifts if I do say so myself! So be sure to stop by Robyn's booth "Blessed by Two" and see all of her goodies in person!  We are only 1 week away til shopping begins!! woot woot!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Vendor Highlight #7

Lucky number 7 is my oldest niece Lane! She just turned 12 (in which i cannot believe!) and she has always been a very artistic girl!  She taught herself how to crochet and knit! THAT is impressive (but I guess this proud aunt is biased!).  Over the past few years, she has learned how to sew as well.  When I was telling my family about this market that I was putting together, I think her wheels started spinning. She finally asked me if she could sell some of her things...and of course I said YES!  I'm so excited that she is going to be at Bloom Market.

Lane will be selling these adorable headbands at her booth "Periwinkle":
Above is my 10 year old niece, Grace. She makes a good model. :)

And this little cutie is my 7 year old niece, Rose. Also a good model!

Just look at these cute fall/Halloween headbands! She will also have Christmas ones for sale!

Won't they make cute gifts for all the girls in your life (young and old!)? Make sure to come say hi to Lane and see her handiwork! (and buy 1 or 2 or 5!).  Don't forget, details on Bloom Market are on the right and click the link for directions.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Vendor Highlight #6

Jill is hooking us up with these Texas gals!  Her mom, Bonni is also going to be a vendor!  I guess craftiness runs in the family.  Not the sneaky kind of crafty. :)

Bonni will be selling all sorts of things from decorative oil/vinegar bottles to throw pillows to candleholders to painted furniture. A great variety!

Check out her super talent below (the first picture was taken at our Suwanee Day booth...Bonni had those items for sale):

I just love the bird on that handpainted chair...REALLY cute!! So be sure to give another big Georgia welcome to Bonni when you see her at Bloom Market! And in case you didn't put 2 and 2 together, her sister is Janice! Details on the market are listed to the right...along with directions. See you THERE!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Vendor Highlight #5

This booth is a family affair! Kathy and her two children have been busy bees putting together all things paper. and very CUTE paper, I might add!  They are a homeschooling family who love to craft. Each are super talented and have come up with some adorable creations (the dad helps fund their paper & stamp addiction)!   

Just look at this sample right might think this is just a cute cupcake made of paper and ribbon....

but you are so wrong! it is a CUTE CUPCAKE that happens to be a GIFT CARD HOLDER!! holy dukes! (as my husband would say). I must have one (but i may just keep it for could be my new credit card holder! hee.).

And this is a cute set of notecards. Those purses are adorable.

Some other items they will sell are: cards, small gift bags/boxes, small treats for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  I'm sure you can't wait to see all of their paper goodness.  You will just have to wait til Oct. 14 & 15!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Vendor Highlight #4

You need to know this vendor! She has been helping me along the way to make Bloom Market a reality! I'm so thankful for her high energy and go-getter mentality...both qualities that I'm lacking in!

The minute I mentioned the idea of having a handmade market, Jill was totally on board! I needed someone to be excited with me and to help push me to make it happen. And she has done just that! THANKS SO MUCH JILL!!

Jill has been hard at work sewing purses, tote bags, oil cloth bags and making other little goodies like button bookmarks and hair pins.  She uses high quality fabrics and oil cloth. Just take a peek at what she will be selling at her booth "To Market To Market":

Aren't these oil cloth totes fabulous!?

ADORABLE button bookmarks!

Unique fabric & vintage hair clips and ponytail holders!

Super cute burlap tote bag. Love those flowers!

All of these photos were taken at Suwanee Day. Those fabrics and colors just make me happy! Please be sure to say hi to Jill at the market and tell her THANKS for all her hard work. (and buy some stuff from her too. duh.) :)

Friday, September 30, 2011

Vendor Highlight #3

Let me just say that I'm getting in the Christmas shopping spirit just writing these posts! Our next vendor makes something that will surely make great Christmas gifts for your loved ones!

Meet Kylie of Nurturing Tree.  She is a mother of 2 who spends most nights taking care of families as a Mother/Baby nurse in a local hospital.  Kylie makes neck and back pillows which are filled with rice and flax seed to ease discomfort and promote relaxation. She offers unscented pillows and some that are filled with soothing scents like chamomile, lavender, and eucalyptus.

Check out some of the cute fabrics she uses:

I think all of us will need one of these after the holidays are over! So relaxing! Be sure to stop by Kylie's booth "Nurturing Tree" at Bloom Market and try out one of her pillows! But don't get too sleepy, since there will be lots of shopping to do! :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Vendor Highlight #2

Our next vendor is coming all the way from the big state of TEXAS! She is the aunt of my friend, Jill (who is helping me put all this together!).  Janice makes beautiful beaded jewelry.  And after you look at the pics, you will certainly appreciate the fact that she HAND BEADS each and every piece! Take a look at how pretty these items are!

You need some new jewelry, right? Come see the rest of Janice's jewelry selection at Bloom Market and let's give her a big Georgia welcome!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Vendor Highlight #1

Over the next 3 weeks, I will be showing you some sneak peeks at what our vendors will be selling!

So for our first sneak peek, I want to introduce you to Jeri. She is a preschool teacher and one little crafty mama!! Everything she makes just screams ADORABLE!  She is selling her items under the name "express yourShelf"...i mean...even the NAME is adorable!!   She will be selling expressive topiaries, handmade garlands & swags, and banners.  Take a look at a couple of the topiaries she will be selling... 

How great would this look on your mantle at Christmas!? (i think GREAT!)

And what little girl would not love to have this in her room!?

Makes you want to come shop, eh? (yes, your answer is YES!)  Ok, so that's your little peek for today.  Stick around to see who our next vendor intro will be! And don't forget, we will have 2 convenient shopping times for you!  Friday night, October 14 from 6pm-9pm and Saturday, October 15 from 9am-12:30'ish pm.  Click here for directions to Reunion Subdivision. See you there!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

3 1/2 week countdown!

Wow! I can't believe this market is really happening! And so soooon!! So far, we have 9 vendors lined up to sell their fantastic handmade crafts! You don't want to miss it people!

This past weekend, Jill and I took Bloom Market on the road!  We did our first craft show at Suwanee Day on Saturday.  We each sold our own items under the same tent and same name...Bloom Market. It was such a good taste of what the whole craft show world is like! and it was fun!  We met lots of nice people, got great feedback, and it made us look forward to our October Bloom Market even more!

Thanks to all of you who came by to see us!  We appreciate your support so much! To see more pics...go to our facebook page:

Monday, August 29, 2011

Introducing Bloom Market!!

So what is "Bloom Market" you might ask!?  Well its a vision i've had for a long time. I've always been an artsy/craftsy kind of girl.  I have a love for festivals and arts/crafts shows where you can roam around and look at people's creations (some are SO good and well, others are so bad!).  I also have a love for etsy (anyone else?!).  Basically, I love handmade things!  And so this is how my desire to host a handmade market came about.

I was talking to my friend Jill back in January about this idea to have a market and she was pumped about it! I think that is all I needed to pursue it!  So she has helped me along the way...planning, recruiting vendors, and helping with the details! (thanks JILL!!).

We have about 8-10 vendors lined up for our first fall market. Everything from jewelry, to bags/purses, to flower pins/hair accessories, to little girl tutu's.  As the date draws closer, I will showcase vendors on this blog to give you a taste of what's in store!

So please, please, please make plans to come shop (and tell your friends!)!  There will be 2 shopping opportunities! Such a prime time for Christmas shopping!!
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14th  6:00-9:00pm
SATURDAY, OCTOBER 15th  9:00am-12:30pm

Bloom Market will be located at Reunion subdivision in their Meeting House in Hoschton, GA.

Stay tuned for more details to come!