Thursday, October 6, 2011

Vendor Highlight #8

Our next vendor will be traveling down from NashVegas. I mean Nashville.  But she is a true Georgia girl at heart.  Robyn and I used to be neighbors before she and her family decided to up and leave us!  We have always shared the love of crafty, handmade things.  Since moving to Nashville, she has ventured into more sewing (with her fancy new serger) and making all kinds of cuteness!!

At Bloom Market, Robyn, "Blessed By Two," will be selling her adorable little girl tutu's.  She has made one for each of my girls and they are precious!!  She will also be selling bottle cap necklaces, scrabble tile pendants, coffee cup cozies, crayon wallets, covered button bookmarks, bean bags, and ruffle rosetta purses (can you say overachiever!?).  She is like me...filled with ideas and wants to dabble in so many different things!  

Here are a couple of her "Ruffle Rosetta Purses" and one of her tutus for you to see:

All of these things will make fabulous Christmas and/or birthday gifts if I do say so myself! So be sure to stop by Robyn's booth "Blessed by Two" and see all of her goodies in person!  We are only 1 week away til shopping begins!! woot woot!

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