Sunday, October 2, 2011

Vendor Highlight #4

You need to know this vendor! She has been helping me along the way to make Bloom Market a reality! I'm so thankful for her high energy and go-getter mentality...both qualities that I'm lacking in!

The minute I mentioned the idea of having a handmade market, Jill was totally on board! I needed someone to be excited with me and to help push me to make it happen. And she has done just that! THANKS SO MUCH JILL!!

Jill has been hard at work sewing purses, tote bags, oil cloth bags and making other little goodies like button bookmarks and hair pins.  She uses high quality fabrics and oil cloth. Just take a peek at what she will be selling at her booth "To Market To Market":

Aren't these oil cloth totes fabulous!?

ADORABLE button bookmarks!

Unique fabric & vintage hair clips and ponytail holders!

Super cute burlap tote bag. Love those flowers!

All of these photos were taken at Suwanee Day. Those fabrics and colors just make me happy! Please be sure to say hi to Jill at the market and tell her THANKS for all her hard work. (and buy some stuff from her too. duh.) :)

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