Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vendor Highlight #12

And last but not least...me.  My new business name is "Three Bees Design" (it has multiple meanings to me).  Over the past 13 years, I've been working as a graphic designer. Since having children, the work has become less and less because motherhood duties call.  I'm really hoping that I can venture into this crafting world and start selling my things online. Once I get a website up and running, I will let you know!  I'll still keep my foot in the graphic design world as well.

My main product that i've been brewing over the past few years is creating custom silhouettes. I've made a few for friends but just haven't had the time to pursue it more. I just love the idea of taking something so classic, like silhouettes, and putting a modern twist to them. I use fun, modern, coordinating fabrics behind each silhouette to be framed or wrapped on canvas. I will be taking custom orders at Bloom Market. These are timeless treasures that you can keep on your wall to remind you of those sweet little profiles that too quickly change over time! Below is a photo of my dear friend Katie's foyer. I did these silhouettes of her 4 adorable children. Just an example of what you can have!

I just wish i had a foyer like hers! And below is one of the silhouettes up close:

I will also be selling my "petal pins" (flower pins/clips to put on your shirt, hat, purse, clip in your hair), "petal headbands", "bloom rings", and pillow covers.  Here are a sample of some of these:

So there you go. That wraps up all 12 vendors. Isn't it exciting to see what everyone is making? I can't wait to see it all myself!  And I can't wait to see all of you this weekend! whoo-to-the-hoooo!! :)


  1. i feel like a proud mama. xo.

  2. to show off your foyer? hee! thx friend!!

  3. beautiful work keri! you didn't even have to tell me these were katie's kiddos. i could tell instantly. fun to get a look at her foyer too :)

  4. thanks angie! yes, isn't her foyer cool? love that window.

  5. Beautiful silhouette work, Keri! I've always been a fan of the classic silhouette as well, but using antique papers or splashed color backgrounds instead. I really enjoy how you incorporate the new texture of fabric. I never knew you were so talented! Keep up the awesome work as a mom and an artist!