Monday, November 5, 2012

vendor highlights # 21 & 22

It's an exciting week! Bloom Market opening night is this FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9th! 5pm-9pm. Or come and shop SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 10th! 10am-4pm.

I have 2 more vendors to show you today. A couple more young faces who are joining us. I love seeing younger people develop their talents and have the confidence to put themselves out there.  I value their love to create and their ambitiousness to be entrepreneurs.

Rachel from The Pea and Me was a vendor last year at Bloom Market and I'm thrilled that she is joining us again. She is a very busy college student who got to do an internship at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta last summer! Here's what she has to say:


The goal of The Pea and Me is to handcraft meaningful, yet functional paper products: to create small somethings that remind people that they have souls. I’m a paper girl. I get swept up in the look, the feel, the smell, the sound of it. It is my truest medium, and I feel like I’m always tearing, snipping, folding or doodling on it. I like things to look a little unfinished, to leave room for some thought.  My work is often a “thank you” made with a face in mind. I am inspired by the small moments that I share with people: walks, lunches, car rides and good conversation. I want to make things that keep me giggling each time I look at them, or strike a chord that reminds me of how I felt when I was making it.

Rachel is a true artist with deep passion (as you can tell from her bio). Her journals and bookmarks were popular with kids last year! She will also customize them with names.  Please come support this sweet college student!! :)


And next we have our 2nd youngest vendor at the age of 14. Ethan is stepping into a new world of being a businessman selling his paracord bracelets! He actually has had a hard time keeping his inventory up because the kids at his school keep buying them!  If you haven't seen these bracelets around yet, then you will! They are quite the rage with all the kids! (and adults too!) :)  Ethan will be selling bracelets of all different sizes and colors. And will even be able to take custom orders. Here's a look at a few:

I'm super proud of Ethan and what he's trying to accomplish...all while being a busy 8th grader.  Please come by and meet him...and, of course, support Monjure Designs!!

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