Thursday, November 8, 2012


its that time when i get all jittery from excitement (and a little bit of nervousness) because the market starts tomorrow! all these months of planning lead up to this moment!  it kinda feels like my wedding day. sorta. :) i'm really so excited for you all to meet our vendors and see everything that they have been hard at work creating for YOU! i really appreciate their talent and know you will too. as an artist, its really hard to put yourself out there for the "world" to see. you feel vulnerable in a way. you want people to like what you've created (knowing there are those who won't, who have different tastes or style, which is fine).  mostly i feel that artists deserve respect with whatever they have made. even if you feel like you could've made it yourself (but would you? and do you have the time to!?). my hope is that everyone will show respect to these vendors (and buy their stuff, of course!).

its hard to make a living at crafting. some have done it...and done it well (hello Etsy!).  i see great value in something that is handmade. its beautiful because it came from someone's passion and heart. there is a story behind handmade things. i love that beauty.

so as my (artist) friend Tim Mills said on facebook last night, "MAKE ART - BUY ART - GIVE ART". that pretty much sums it up!

see you all this weekend!!! directions are over there on the right ------->>>

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